For foreign manufacturers who want to promote their products on the Russian market, we can manufacture them using our local production line.

A-CONTRACT has 20-years of experience in the market and is one of leading five OEM manufacturers in Russia (according to the findings of a number of different rating agencies). According to the data of the independent marketing agency Center of Modern Electronics, A-CONTRACT was Russia’s largest OEM manufacturer in 2017-2018.

We have wide experience and we are open to discuss the local manufacturing of foreign OEM, ODM, CEM and CDM products.

Wide range of opportunities

  1. Many years of experience in the OEM market and fulfilment of different kinds of order, of any complexity and volume;
  2. More than 250 high quality specialists;
  3. High-tech manufacturing facilities: more than 4500 sq. m in two production sites.
  4. Well-established component supply chain;
  5. Multistage quality control system at each step of the PCB production cycle;
  6. In-house innovative solutions for PCB production and SMT assembly;
  7. Quality Management System in full compliance with international quality standards, as evidenced by the annual audit carried out by the Russian representative office of DNV GL

Varying degrees of localization are possible,  – from the development and design of new products and their adaptation for the manufacture on our production line, to the full production cycle including the creation and obtaining of all necessary documents, permits and licenses.

The full production cycle option allows production costs to be kept to a minimum when introducing your product onto the Russian market, thus reducing the product price for the end user in Russia. These factors significantly increase the competitiveness of localized products.

We are open to cooperation. Working with us can help a foreign customer to become a leader in the Russian market.

Our principles

⇒ We are open for communication with our customers at all stages of cooperation

⇒ We provide on-the-spot response to customer requests

⇒ We offer optimal pricing

⇒ We are focused on the best results

⇒ We strive always to maintain win-win relationships with our customers

Don't hesitate to contact us

E-mail: kravtsov_v@acont.ru
Phone: +7 (812) 703-00-55

Contact person: Vladislav Kravtsov, Development Director